The film is not currently (October 2008) available anywhere.

There is, however, plans to produce a definitive and comprehensive DVD that will be heavy on information and short on show biz puff.

It will have detailed chapters (essays, images, interviews) on: meanings and intentions of the film; the U.S. ‘Prison Industrial Complex’; the rise of the Prison Corporation; ‘New Generation’ prisons and the psychology of control; the 1983 lockdown at USP Marion; further sinister sides of the penal system (dubious ‘medical’ and insidious ‘research’ facilities, political prisoners); the dramatic escalation of the ‘State as Prison’ post 9.11.

Since the film was made, the chilling ‘paranoia’ of its message has proven all too true. There’s been a massive increase in incarceration rates and prison construction worldwide, surveillance and policing in 'the free world' has increased very dramatically. The DVD project will analyze and make sense of these phenomena, locating the film in the political historical reality of the shifting sands of modern capitalism.

It is an intensive project and will take time to develop and realise. We are fortunate to have very high quality partners in the key territories (UK, USA, and other Eupoenan) who believe in the film and in this approach.

Watch this space.