Ghosts...of the Civil Dead is an Australian prison picture, ironically coproduced
by a company calling itself "Correctional Services".

New York Times

One of the most confronting, shocking and insightful works to emerge from
the visceral, genre-dominated age of the 1980s in Australia

The Lonesome Road

Some of the most brutal non-horror films in recent memory have been set
in prisons.

Sex Gore Mutants

This is a controversial film which has provoked heated debate world wide.
But perhaps the most disturbing aspect is that it's all true.

Gum Boot

This film is social commentary at its most uncompromising.

Senses of Cinema

Ghosts of the Civil Dead makes a bold statement, it hits the nail on the
head, and with its haunting soundtrack it is a film that you are unlikely
to forget.

School of Communication & Culture

Demanding cinema and won't leave the viewer alone very easily. 8/10


See it if you can.

Trash City